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JUNE is a cutting-edge modular cloud platform designed for efficient legal process handling. It caters to a wide range of needs, including mass proceedings, claims management, litigation, and dispute resolution. The platform significantly enhances the efficiency and productivity of legal work across law firms, businesses, and administration, supporting both individual and mass proceedings seamlessly. But most importantly, as a software founded by litigators, JUNE supports legal professionals in their everyday work and allows them to focus on their legal expertise no matter how much data or how many cases have to be handled.

Katja Nikolaus
Katja Nikolaus is a partner & attorney at FROMMER LEGAL and ClassReaction as well as CBDO of JUNE, a claims management and litigation platform. Operational workflows for legal teams, technology-supported solutions for the efficient handling of legal proceedings in addition to legal advice to her clients, have been the core of her legal career. As a legal tech expert, she can build on 16 years of experience in the systematic and structured handling of (mass) litigation. Today, this commitment to innovation continues with JUNE, as it consistently pushes the boundaries of legal tech advancements.
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