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Cartel Damage Claims

Cartel Damage Claims (CDC) is the first European company to offer a one-stop-shop solution for victims of anti-competitive behaviour, from the economic damage analysis to the enforcement of claims for damages, and everything in between. CDC built a reputation for high-quality case selection, preparation, and management, fuelled by its dedicated interdisciplinary team. CDC has successfully brought bundled actions against cartels in a diverse range of products such as cement, hydrogen peroxide, sodium chlorate, paraffin wax, sugar, and trucks. Currently CDC is building up further cases in several European jurisdictions and is also offering its know-how and (IT-)services to funders and claims aggregators.

Ben Bornemann
Director & COO, CDC
Ben heads operations at CDC. His dual training and his focus on private enforcement of competition law provide him with an excellent understanding of all aspects related to CDC’s business and how to keep them in sync. His affinity for information technology, clear communication, as well as his hands-on experience gathered in all of CDC’s past and ongoing cases, enable him to translate that understanding into efficient business processes. Prior to joining CDC, Ben briefly worked in the petrochemical and automotive sectors, as well as a researcher. Ben studied law and economics in Augsburg and Chicago.
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